Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

My life seems busier this year, more so than last year. However, reflecting on my resolutions I made at the beginning of the year, it appears I might be doing less. Is this because I am getting older and poop out to early? Regardless, this is my second post for the year and I thought I would share a creative idea I found at our "local" scrapbook store. I put local in parenthesis because I have to take the freeway to get there. The scrapbook store that was close to my town closed a year and a half ago. This event seems to have stifled my creativity.

But, we were invited to a friends home for the Fourth of July and I wanted to bring something to the hostess. I saw this cute photo hanger decorated with Bo Bunny's Liberty collection. It is easy to do, as one of the paper comes with four equal squares that you would cut and adhere to cardboard. I backed the cardboard with a solid blue with small blue dots on it, also form Bo Bunny. Then I just added stickers and some cut outs with pop dots to give each of the three boards some dimension. The boards are attached to each other with festive ribbon and then another ribbon is used at the top to make it a wall hanging. The entire project took about an hour, hour in a half to complete. And it is so cute. A nice memento for the hostess to enjoy for future Fourth of July's.

I had photos from the Fourth of July last year, that I was able to insert into her gift. Our Fourth of July began with the parade in our town. So much fun to see the decorated cars and bikes, plus all of the people on the street. You run into so many friends that are walking around, which makes it alot of fun and a social event. Then we went home to decorate some cookies to bring to the bar-b-que that we were invited to. I liked the cover on the Martha Stewart magazine from this year, so we "tried" to copy these cookies. It was fun to decorate them and they were easy to put together. I made the frosting a bit too thick, and baked the cookies a little too long, but other than that they were easy to do.

We finished the day at the bar-b-que. The kids swam and the parents ate brisket made in an "egg" bar-b-que. So yummy. The hostess also served marinated shrimp she put on the barbie also. Shelly made soem great beans. She is the best cook. Then we watched the Pomona Fairplex firework show from our friends front yard. It was as if you were at the Fairplex. They were so big and brilliant. A great day! Hope you had a wonderful fourth too!

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