Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

If I write down my resolutions on an open forum I will probably most likely be able to do them... so let's see...

1. Clean out the clutter in all of the closets and keep them organized.
2. Put Jackson's bedroom together - and set up the upstairs den.
3. Read my book club books before the book club meetings.
4. Create a layout a week (52 for 2011) and post them on this blog.
5. Write on the blog at least once a week (previous resolution will help with this).
6. Travel to atleast one place I have not been before, and stay longer than a potty break.
7. Throw out stuff I do not use... get rid of all the old magazines I have. (This one will be hard).
8. Put curtains up in the Family Room.
9. Exercise - which means for atleast an hour five times a week.
10. Play a board game with the kids if not once a week (Family Night) then twice a month.
11. Get together with friends more and go out. This is probably going to require new clothes more often, but that is what it takes to go out and look good....
12. Bake more. Or should I say bake again. I have not baked goodies in so long. I should do this again. In fact, this year at work we were given the last week of 2010 off. I watched the food network as I packed my Christmas decorations and wrote down some interesting recipes. Made the chocolate cookie one from the Paula Deen show - but I don't think it is one worth repeating. Would like to be able to try new recipes and have my kitchen back... look out David!
13. Lucky thirteen. I need to organize my garage. I have too many things. I love them all. I love all of my decorations and seasonal items, but I need to go through and only keep what I will use - the rest needs to be donated (I guess) - this one will be a tuffy. David will be happy.
14. And last... to love more. To hug, send a greeting without a reason, a phone call for no purpose, a kiss just because, a compliment with a smile :) .

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