Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Before Christmas

I started to make my Christmas gifts back in October. I really should have started in July because I never finished some of them. I made a Pre-School album for my son's tutor. Her son just started Pre-K at the school my son goes to. When I would take pics of Jackson, I would stop by and snap a few of her boy also. I had a page for his first day, a page with his school friends, a page with his teacher (above), a page for the Halloween parade, Thanksgiving day luncheon, the school Christmas program, pics of them learning to pray in the church and some pics of his school work. I found the album at the Scrap 'N Yap. One of the few scrapbook stores left near me.

I also made a vacation album for one of my girl friends. That one was fun to do as I remember when we did all of the events I made pages on. Our trip up to Pismo Beach. I made all of the tags this year for the Christmas presents. I included clues so the person receiving the gift had to guess what was inside of the gift. This slows down how fast everyone opens their gifts so it takes longer and we can truly appreciate each one. Heck, they take so long to wrap, put on a ribbon, a package topper and then a tag. We should savor each one as long as possible.

I was able to go to Roger's Gardens twice this season. Once when the Christmas room opened in October, and then the first weekend of the sale. So much of their inventory had sold prior there was nothing left really. How lucky. I did see all of the purple flowers they had for spring. So refreshing to see the new colors. They had beautiful topiaries in white. I love looking at all of their potted plants and floral displays. I plan on scrapbooking more this new year.

As far as my resolutions from last year. I read my goal of 15 books. I love the goodreads web site. You get friends like facebook and can see and read their reviews on the books they read to get ideas on what to read next. I am currently reading The Paris Wife.

I put Jackson's new bedroom together, Now I just need his furniture and that is accomplished. I lost ten pounds. Gained back two during Christmas... I fell short on playing games with the kids, scrapbooking and writing on this blog. However I did read alot of the entries on everyone else's blog!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a productive New Year! 

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Jennifer Priest said...

Love that layout! Oh, Roger's Gardens--how fun. Congrats on reaching most of your goals this year :) Here's to 2012!


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