Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halloween at Roger's Gardens

Never to disappoint, this years Halloween presentation at Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach is sure to please. Not the their best ever, but definitely a display to see, especially if you need to decorate for a party or to get party ideas. They used all sorts of techniques such as cardboard walls, in which they glue gunned small cars to. They hung clip boards on the walls to describe each section or to display verbiage/pictures. Cardboard was cut into strips and painted black
or a gun metal silver and then curled as if it was rod iron. This technique was used on the ceilings in a scroll fashion. And speaking of ceilings, they even used boxes that the merchandise came in, hung them upside down on the ceiling with the box tops open and stuffed animals or creatures coming out, on the ceilings. But, I think it is the merchandise
that they carry that is so unique and one would probably not find anywhere else that makes it such a "treat" to go through their "Funn and Gaems." The snake that would snap at you as your hand got close to it was a hit with my husband. He stood there for the longest time trying to outsmart the snake. This item is similar to the one with the hand in the center of the candy bowl that would come down and slap you if you went for a piece of candy. You could tell the snake was fake, but there was something about that fanged mouth coming at you that just

gave you the creeps. One of the rooms had Barbie dolls in their packages with creepy names on the boxes hung on the wall. Dolls everywhere. Baby dolls, Barbie dolls, plastic dolls, dolls sprayed black and then arranged onto a wall like melted baby dolls all charred.
Bethany Lowe products made a prominent presentation. I like seeing her items, but then if you have already purchased her merchandise no need to buy more since the items are so similar. Looking at this display section one would come to the conclusion that you already owned half that stuff - now you know how to display it this year. A new twist. There was a candy table with sweet treats such as decorated cookies and kits to decorate your own cookies. Jewelry. Unique pieces from Two's Company - a rhinestone spider necklace, broaches, and glass pumpkin necklaces with matching earrings and bracelets. The rooms were decorated with fabric covered walls in

stripes and polka dots. All in black and white. Table centerpieces includes fluted vases filled with black feathered plumes. They were beautiful. One plume was $6 and it would take a handful to make a good display so I had to pass. The feathered crows are still my favorite.

They displayed them with their wings wide open as if in "attack" or ready to to attack mode. I love Halloween and I love going to Roger's Gardens to see their Halloween display. From the moment I receive the postcard in the mail to the actual opening is like waiting for Christmas! Oh and if you were wondering what to do with your Halloween decorations or memorabilia that breaks or is too small to use - one of their artists made trees with these incidental items and has them priced at $400 and $500! (This is the last picture in the post). Looked easy to assemble. I might just make time to put one of these together! Happy Halloween!

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