Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Are Thankful For...

I am hoping over Christmas break I can understand how Photoshop works. Even though I altered all the pictures the same way, one came out okay and the other two are too washed out.
These are pics from Thanksgiving last year. We celebrated the holiday at my sister's house. Thus, we are thankful for other people who host big events! So many pictures were taken this day and I only wanted to do a two page spread. So I thought about having the main pictures on top and "peppering" the smaller ones on the bottom. This way the story is told all at once.
For Thanksgiving, my Mom made the pumpkin turkey for the centerpiece, and my sister who must have been ambitious made the stuffed tomatoes (so I had to take a pic just in case this never happens again!), and David arrived just in time to make the gravy! It was a scrumptious meal. And so enjoyable since we did not have to host or cook! Yikes, that means this year we will have to do it all! Well, David mostly. But, that's what happens when you are a chef.... you cook!

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