Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turkey Day!

This layout was fun to do since it reminded me of how "crazy" Thanksgiving was in 2007! We celebrate Thanksgiving twice most years. Once with my husband's family and once with mine. Thanksgiving has been at my Mom's house for years and she always throws in my Dad's birthday with it since it is so close. This layout shows our Thanksgiving at my Mother-in-Laws house. What cracks me up, is that "whatever could go wrong this day, went wrong." People did not arrive on time. Key items were not purchased, my Sister-in-Law cooked the turkey on the BROIL setting all morning, thus the blackened belly of the bird. Some parts were cooked and then some under cooked. We had to carve the turkey and figure out what was eatable now and what had to stay in the oven! In the mix of trying to find the right dish to bake something in...

we broke the favored white baking casserole dish. Someone knocked over their glass of wine and the glass broke. When my step daughter was young she had a "kitty" mug that she liked to drink from, the handle to this was broken when the turkey came out of the oven and needed room on the counter top and my husband had to make room by jabbing the baking pan against items on the counter. The kitchen in my Mother-in-Laws house is so tiny only two people (or better yet - only one person) can be in the kitchen at a time. The garbage disposal does not work - so dish detail is cumbersome. But through all of this we ended with a nice meal and everyone making an "extra" effort to smile for the camera... (don't know if you can notice the effort of smiling). The paper used here is scraps I had in a folder marked "Fall/Harvest." The wood tag was a recent purchase from Michael's Recollections line... The stickers are from Debbi Mumm. Does she even have scrapbook supplies anymore? But a little of this and that put this layout together... atleast for a chuckle!

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