Friday, November 6, 2009

First Win!

My son plays soccer and I watch every game. And every game their team either ties or loses by one goal. This Saturday the coach and his son (who is probably our best player) were not going to be there. The assistant coach had the team! Oh my, what a great game this was! WE WON! It was tense, we were ahead three to two then the game became a tied score at three to three... in the last quarter we scored again for a win at 4 to 3! So many times we almost scored and the ball either flies over the goal box or misses it on either side... It was such a great game I had to "scrap" this one for Jack! P.S. I used my new favorite product "Glimmer Mist" spray from Tattered Angels. I LOVE this stuff. And they come in so many great colors!!!! And they have a blog! I am "spraying" alot lately. (It's a good thing).

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Krista Nash said...

Congrats to Jack! That must feel so good to finally get a win in. And good for you for scrapping so quickly. I have several bottles of Glimmer Mist but don't use them too often. Did you take a class or just experiment on your own? Hope you're well.


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