Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roger's Gardens Magic Room

Every year I try to make it down to Roger's Gardens to see their Halloween "Shop" of Horrors and when they open up their Christmas Wonderland. I missed the Halloween this year and was only able to capture the tail end of the display. (It opens late August and I was there on Columbus Day). The pictures do not do the room justice, it really is simply the most amazing display I have ever seen - and I say this every year! Truly a group of gifted display artists put this menagerie of horrors together into a cohesive treat. The display had a wall of photo's that would follow you or turn into a creepy pic if you turn your head a bit. I bought some of these. Way creepy! Vintage photo's of people from the 1800's. Some would turn into vampire's or display the way they died.
The Roger's Gardens display had a lab - complete with bubbling blue water in the lab flasks. A chandelier made from "heads," a creepy doll that was dusted in white looking into a mirror. A wall of clowns, a magic room with floating cards and vintage magic tricks. And of course the famous marionette "Andy" who spoke as he sat on a stack of books welcoming you as you entered the magic zone. And you had to see the vintage wheel chair! Just looking at it was scary....
I love Halloween! I love this creepy stuff. I love the displays people put together at their homes. I love Knott's Scary Farm and Halloween parties. I love spooky movies and the spooky music they have now to play on Halloween. I love the Winnie the Pooh CD. "Which witch is this?" and the movie "Hocus Pocus." Love those costumes! Fun, fun and spooky fun!

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Anonymous said...

oh, i for Christmas too...but this looks fabulous!! i would have loved to see it! thank you for sharing!!


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