Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Halloween..!

It's getting creepy! Very spooky around town! I just love it when people get into this holiday (if you will) and decorate their homes all haunted! Our neighbors decorated their house for their Halloween Party. They even had one of those carriages driven by a headless horseman. The house with the witch I found while driving around Claremont. Loved the witch! Too scary. She looked so real.
When I was young people did not decorate their houses like this. I can only imagine the memories that my kids will have. I just remember trick-or-treating with hoards of kids and using a pillowcase for the candy. Not the dinky candy that is handed out now. The big bars... oh my! Popcorn balls and cider were handed out. We treated for hours.... it was such a crazy night. Can not wait. I think I am more excited than my kids!

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