Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Pumpkin Menagerie

Every year, my husband carves all the pumpkins we bought or acquired during our visits to the various pumpkin patches that we go to, the school goes to, the scouts go to. He starts to carve two nights before Halloween (as this is a methodically operation that requires Internet and magazine research on various pumpkin carvings and faces). We take pictures of them on Halloween when they are all lit up. The trick or treaters like walking up to the front door with the path lined with various faces of contortion! We put out the fog machines that have a rolling fog bank billowing in and out of the orange glowing smiles! I love Halloween! I love scaring the trick or treaters (we are usually dressed in costume). Our neighbors put on a haunted house for the trick or treaters, and another neighbor goes all out with a theme each year. One year it was an escapee from a metal hospital who stole an old fashioned ambulance and ran over some pedestrians... My son was afraid to go up to the door that year! Just spooky fun!

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Jennifer Priest said...

Awesome pumpkins!!! And great layout too!


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