Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies - Booth Sales

Sunday was our Girl Scout Troop's turn to sell Girl Scout Cookies in front of the new Vons. Cookies this year are still $4 a box, and $1 remains with the troop. The troop uses the money raised to help send the girls on their various outings. Whether it is camping, visiting a nature park, travel expenses to a museum or to attend a community event, the money is well spent enlightening the girls about community involvement and about events that happen outside their immediate neighborhood. I think the scouting program (for boys and for girls) is so important to their growth and
development into young adults. Girl Scout cookie sales is their biggest fundraiser and helps to fund not only their events but goes to help run the Council. The Council creates Neighborhoods and provides activities and activity planning for the girls. I volunteer as a Daisy Girl Scout Consultant for our Neighborhood. Which used to be called the Bonita Neighborhood and now it has been merged with Los Angeles, so I am not sure what our "little group" is called now. We have three cities in our group - for
planning activities and overseeing the Girl Scout Leaders. We had our Service Team Meeting ( a meeting for all the leaders in our "neighborhood") last night and found out about some very positive changes that are going to happen in Scouts now that we have had the "merger." Girl Scouts that are registered as independents or if they are in a troop that does not camp out they can participate in camp outs and activities such as field trips as a "Juliette." They do not have register as a Juliette, but can sign up for the activities as they become available during the year. This made alot of the Leader Moms happy. Some of their girls are in another troop that do not camp or rarely go on outings, so this now opens up that adventure to them. Happy Scouting...

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