Friday, March 13, 2009

Dave's Birthday Novena

David's birthday was this week. It is always exciting to have a birthday celebration, except when you are feeling the pinch from the economy and a huge mess at work - it makes it hard to get into the festive spirit. (Aargh). For Dave's birthday we usually have dinner with friends in Old Town Pasadena and just celebrate. This year instead of going to a pricey eatery we decided t
give David a birthday "novena." Celebrate his birthday for nine days. Each day he will get a little treat. On his actual birthday, Lauren and Jackson made him an adorable card that they placed by his dressing station. We had a home cooked meal (pasta with chicken and peas in a white wine cream sauce). The next night, he opened some birthday gifts and we went to dinner with friends to Shogun. Celebrated with martini's and a birthday song! David wore the birthday crown and of course we had take the group picture which they inserted into a Japanese frame. Tonight is simple again (the kids have softball practice) maybe his favorite dessert and he can open some more gifts. Tomorrow he is going out "on the town" with his buds. Then Sunday is a Irish Dinner Fest - complete with Irish Dancers and Irish Musicians - that should be a fun show. I just need to think of four more days of surprises. Well, we also have a trip to Chicago - which we say is part of his "birthday." This year we are going to a dinner where five different chefs are competing against each other and they will serve us different selections from their "assignment." We get to help judge their meals. That sounds fun. I'll have to share that event when we get there...

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