Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Over the weekend, we went to a Benefit for the Knights of Columbus featuring Irish Dancers and Irish Song! The dancers were young teenagers, one looked as though she was eight years old. They were so good. They will be heading to Philadelphia for the Irish Dance competition. They finished their set of dances with the "River Dance." I just love watching how fast they can move
their legs! And so light on their feet - standing and dancing on their tippy toes! The dancers also had two leprechauns who danced a set! (So funny these guys!) And they had Bill Baynes singing Irish songs... which always brings you back to the first time you went into an Irish Pub. He was wonderful and totally in tune to his audience. He had us clapping - I thought of the scene from Titanic when Rose went down to the third class section and the group were dancing to the Irish music.The feel to this event was very much the same. And of course, corned beef and cabbage was the meal. Just a nice way to begin the St. Patrick's week. Who started St. Patrick's Day, I wonder? And where did the leprechaun come from? Is there really treasure on the other side of the rainbow? Or are we just supposed to hope so? It is still a fun day to dress up in green to avoid being pinched... Why do we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day and was Saint Patrick a real person? Upon some research I found out that he a real person. He was not from a religious family - but actually a family who collected taxes in England. There was an Irish Raid on his family that resulted in his capture. While in captivity, he turned to Christianity and religion as a solace. When he escaped from his capturers after six years and walked nearly 200 miles, he heard voices to return to Ireland and to become a missionary. Thus doing God's work and thus a saint.

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