Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Computer Electronic Show

We went to the Computer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past January 7th thru the 9th. The show started on the 8th, but we arrived early to hang out in the casinos. My husband goes with my Dad every year and I tagged along this year because I wanted to see the computers. I need a new computer for my photographs. To hold them into albums and to use Photo Shop. I just can not share a computer with David any longer... I found the Hewlett Packard Touchscreen computers to be awesome! I am deciding between the all-in-one or the free standing computer with the tower. They had the IQ816 on the demonstration floor. It was so much fun to use and so easy to operate. I am curious about the draw backs. I love the touchscreen part. I love the fact that it has the Blue-Ray capability and it is wall-mountable. The computer also has a dual tv tuner. And the screen, did I mention the screen? It displays the most beautiful images. I loved looking at it. I spent a good portion of my time here, pocking around. The show also had the new computers on display that were super thin, a quarter of inch thin! The tv's were also a quarter of an inch thin. No more bulky tv's and computer monitors. (I am so glad we never built our tv unit into the wall - no need to now).

They also had on display the new laptop eye candy air brushed tops you can purchase. Yummy! Cameras from Canon and printers that can print images like you would not believe... the detail is gorgeous. They were taping an episode of Jeopardy too!

These are some pictures of the view from our room during the day and at night. Amazing! We stayed at The Bellagio Hotel. Scroll down one blog post to see the Bellagio Conservatory.

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