Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost - Season 5 Opener

Wow, now I know why they call the show "Lost." I felt so "lost" last night with the going forward, backward, forward, present... I am glad I recorded the show so I can re-watch and then possibly sort out some details. For eaxample who is Ms. Hawking? Is she Faraday's Mom? And what was she doing at the beginning of the show? Mapping out a time travel path? If Locke killed himself to get everyone to return to the island so they can "go back" is he really dead? Or can he be saved with the "time travel?" Even though the characters have said the future can not be altered even with the knowledge of the future. And why did Mr. Widmore kill Sayid's Nadia? I have visited the Easter egg site for some answers... but it seems even the best of the viewers are just as confused! And what is Ben planning with all these people who are off the island? How does he know the local butcher counter girl? However, I am glad we got to see Ana Lucia. I liked her character...


Cindy said...

I had to give up on the show after the 2nd season. I was getting to frustrated with keeping everything straight. And the unanswered questions were making me into a mad woman -lol!

pj said...

glad to know that i wasn't the only one who was LOST! i really did not understand the whole warped time stream. good thing you recorded it -- maybe you can explain it to me later!


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