Wednesday, January 21, 2009


At our stay in Las Vegas we went to see the newest hotel from Steve Wynn called Encore. When we were in Las Vegas during the summer we stopped in the Wynn and loved the colors. He used brown as a predominant flavor. When we got home I had my entryway painted a Hersey Chocolate brown and I love it. His new hotel, Encore, has a red flare. The walls are red fabric, the chandeliers are red, the chair pads are red, there are even red sculptured flowers at the poolside that are red! Alot of red. (I would think a casino would want to be in the "black" and not the "red"). The restrooms just off the casino have clear stones glued onto the mirrors. The entrance has trees (similar to the Wynn) and butterfly mosaics in the floors. Beautiful. Eye candy for sure. Plus when we had dinner across the street at my favorite restaurant, The Capital Grill (we go here every year when we are in Chicago), the waitress told us that Steve Wynn actually sat on top of the Encore Hotel for his commercial. She said helicopters were flying overhead for hours until they had the perfect shot. She told us she could see Mr. Wynn on top of the hotel just sitting there. This is a must see hotel. So many "embellishments" with the red butterflies on the walls and the red flowers everywhere...

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