Monday, November 3, 2008

November's Sketch

The sketch for November involves seven photograph's. Hard to find seven that would relay a story without being redundant. Then I remembered a dinner we had gone to with Lauren's first crush in Preschool, Trevor. Lauren and Trevor were inseparable. Then when they "graduated"
to Kindergarten, each went to different schools. Of course Valentines were sent to each other and an occasional phone call, but now they are in eighth grade! So when we got together for a dinner at the Japanese restaurant by our home it was special. I brought my camera because I knew Lauren would like to have a memory of this get together. Trevor likes all the same things that Lauren does. He is playing guitar now. Lauren received one last Christmas, so they had lots to talk about.

I used the Basicgrey line called Boxer. I originally purchased the paper line to do a page from her trip to Japan (but still have only completed the one page I posted before titled Tokyo). We until the restaurant was getting ready to close. It went by so fast. Just chatting with friends and catching up. We send out Christmas Cards and say we need to get together - and how many cards was that? I am glad Bill Carlson made the phone call and made it happen!

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