Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Morning

I stayed up into the wee hours putting together Jackson's treats for his class. We made witches brooms. At least that is what they are supposed to look like. They are made from two small brown sacks filled with candy corn (one sack cut into strips for the bristles), a black and white striped sucker for the broom handle, wrapped with a plastic string and tied off with an orange tag that says "Best Witches." The idea came from Martha Stewart. Something different from the usual candy bars and suckers.

It is has been so hot here, I thought for sure it would not seem like Halloween. But sure enough a rain storm came in over night. The morning was still rainy and the wind was blowing all the leaves off the trees and made it kinda spooky! It was fun! I had the kids go outside for some quick pictures.
Jackson is the Joker from the recent Batman Returns movie. Lauren is at the "too cool" age. She and her friends came up with several costume ideas: "Boys," "Pajama Girls,"

"Baseball Players," and then last night she decided to be a "Blind Person." She painted a stick and decorated her t-shirt. Aargh. I had several costumes she could have worn. Jackson looks great in his rendition of the Joker. His hair is green. Can not really see it in the photographs. Dad did his makeup this morning. And as we were in the front yard documenting this Halloween, Dad was spying on us from the garage.... we turned around and saw his face peering out of the garage door window. Fun how he always likes to get into the spirit of the day. We have the school Halloween parade today at lunch time. Hopefully Dad will carve a pumpkin for the house sometime today. He always carves our pumpkins for Halloween night and this year he was just was not "moved" by the idea. So our pumpkins are faceless. There was a house in Sierra Madre that had at least thirty to fifty pumpkins carved. They would line the curvy driveway all the way up to the top to get the candy. It was so cool. The owner told us how he would have a "carving party" the night before with all of his friends and they would carve into the early morning hours. I

had a better camera back then. The photo's would have been awesome. It truly was a site to see. Each of the homes would decorate in a different way and one house handed out hot apple cider. The street would be packed with trick or treaters. Truly a blast to Trick or Treat on this street.

We have lots of kids that come to our door. But nothing like the Sierra Madre street. Which was extra creepy since the homes are old Craftsman style with mature trees and lots of places to hide a Bogeyman. Our home is in a newer community, so each house is visible from the street. Trick or Treaters can easily assess which house to go to and which one to skip. We try and make it fun by having fog machines along the walkway to create an eerie - ghouly experience. Boo!

I saw this house this morning and stopped to snap a pick. How cool with the "floating" ghosts on the lawn. The falling leaves and the wind blowing... now this is Halloween!

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Jennifer Priest said...

LOVE the treat bags!! Btw, we made Matt a gnome for HW--pics on my blog. Thanks for the idea!!!


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