Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

Okay, so I am addicted! I watched the Season Opener on Wednesday Night and I am totally hooked! Love the fashion, the ambitious women, and the zany story lines (yes I am talking about having Botox injection)! I think by having Brooke Shields in the cast attracts viewers, but once you're into the show five minutes you enjoy the entire cast equally! Mary Tyler Moore as the Mom is wonderful too. I miss the Mary Tyler Moore show. Plus this is her foray also, with all those clothes! The web site even has a shopping guide so the viewer can purchase the outfits that the characters are wearing, or a close copy!Including the wonderful jewelry. I love all of the chunky necklaces, and I did notice that the double strand of pearls worn to the funeral all of a sudden became a single strand when Nico was riding in the cab... just after the succession of bumps. Curious. Is that a blooper or on purpose? The cast includes Wendy Healy (played by Shields) she is a movie executive, Nico Reilly (played by Kim Raver) who is the editor-in-chief of Bonfire Magazine, and Victory Ford (played Lindsay Price) who is the fashion designer that was the up and coming hot designer until the new York Times trashed her fall collection and now she has to pick up the pieces and manage a romance with a billionaire. Missed the season premiere you can still see the whole show. It opens at the funeral and then flashbacks to how we got there. If you love the story, the book is available. Plus the whole first season can be seen on the nbc website.

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Jennifer Priest said...

Wow, you are making me want to watch the show now. Gonna have to check this out for sure.


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