Saturday, September 20, 2008

The L.A. County Fair 2008

We finally got a chance to get on over to the fair! It never fails that unexpected things happen the first couple of weeks in September that make it impossible to attend the fair, so when the first opportunity comes up we have to take advantage of it. Friday night was a great night to go. Kids are FREE! And the weather was cool. I was surprised that it was not crowded. Our first stop was the America's Kids Building. Lauren and Jackson entered items in the fair and we wanted to see them on display. Lauren's three projects won a First Place, a Second Place, and a Third Place! So much fun to see all the entries. Both kids entered the Sunflower Drawing Contest and Lauren entered Decorate a Butterfly Contest. Both entered a free style colored pencil drawing. Some of the butterflies were decorated so beautifully. One was decorated with googly eyes in all sizes. That was a first place winner. One person decorated her butterfly like a tiger. The sunflower drawings were just as imaginative. Many of them had a background. Some were realistic and some were like Lauren's with the Techno Colored Theme. They all looked great along the wall. Lauren received a First Place. Jackson's reminded me of a British Flag. He received a Third Place Ribbon. The theme this year, must have been about insects, because they had several "bug" displays for the kids to peer into. Plus there was a big spider display. In another section of the building were all the free style entries. There were some awesome drawings, photography, graphic logo designs.... I like this building better than the Education Expo building, which has a tendency to be biased. I know teachers pick their "favorite" kids to enter projects, rather than the kids who had the best creation. My kids are never chosen at our school. Which is why I wanted them to come up with their own things and enter them. Everything is put on display, and the judges are always fair. (Many ribbons are awarded, gives the kids confidence in themselves).

Another building I like in the Fair is the Culinary Arts. Every year (except this one), I enter my baked goods (cookies, cakes and breads). I like to see the decorated cakes. The last couple of
years, though, the team in charge of this building has not displayed all the entries, and has not awarded ribbons in certain categories. I have noticed they have cases upon cases filled with fake fruit displays and a couple of cases hocking their own cookbooks. This is upsetting. Why not display all the entries? People work hard making their goodies. Good or not. I like to see them.
Plus the best ideas that I have for parties and what not have come from the fair. Like the chocolate covered cherry decorated to look like a mouse. Cute. Plus there was always a unique brownie or sandwich cookie someone would enter. I wish I had taken more pictures back then. But who knew? Another part of this building is the decorated themed tables. This year there were four "Breakfast at Tiffany's" table. Plus this way clever "Wicked" table complete with the Wicked Witch stockings and
ruby slippers! Fun for Halloween. It did not seem like there was that many vendors selling merchandise this year either? Curious. I always look forward to seeing the products that are
advertised on late night TV in "real life." Could not find the "Stamp Booth," or the "Scrapbook Booth." Did not see the Knott's Berry Farm Booth selling Halloween Haunt Tickets... Did find the latest craze booth, though. Cupcakes! I wonder if they were any good? We were so stuffed by the time we saw this trendy little sweet shop. They had several flavors. Should have bought one to take home, like the Red Velvet. Maybe we need to make another visit. Did not get over to the Agriculture Building and see all the plants. I'll have to post about the Tapestry Building in another post and congratulate all the entries not only in scrapbooking, but mosaics, costumes and quilts. Plus the decorated trees were cute. Last year, I think they were better. More festive.

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Jennifer Priest said...

How much fun is this!! Love Lauren's butterfly! WoW! Nice to hear your rundown of the Fair.


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