Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh 8, Oh 8, Oh 8!

The opening ceremonies to the Olympics are always a treat to watch. But I have to say - last night's ceremonies were so spectacular! I have not seen anything like it! I was totally amazed at how the synchronized countdown did not have a glitch! I was amazed that people can do this. Much less choreograph something of that magnitude. I was in awe!
The colors were so beautiful. The footsteps leading up to the Colosseum, was so creative. The costumes were theatrical, especially the green leotards with the lights attached. Oh my gosh... truly a show to see. I wish I could have been in the audience. Truly an amazing night for them.

And it goes on... watching the ceremonies you think, this is truly beautiful and then something even more spectacular happens...
There are truly gifted people out there. I look at the photo's of the production the next day and I am still in awe... just beautiful! I found these "moments in time" if you will on the web site. The colors are so rich. And the floating Olympic Rings out of lights... I am so amazed...

Well, all I can say is what a great lead in for the U.S.A. to take home a bunch of gold. We have some truly amazing athletes. Watching all the pre-shows introducing the audience to the athletes, is inspirational. From the forty-one year old swimmer to the runner from Kenya who was taken from his family as a small child. Such amazing stories of accomplishments...

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