Monday, August 11, 2008

A Race to Remember

You could not write a better scene for a movie! What a fantastic finish! If you were able to see the event, or the clips that have been played on the television, it brings a tear
to your eye! How hard work and dedication pays off, and pays off in a big way! We won the gold over France, after one of the French swimmers had made a flippid comment about how they were going to "smash" us. WE won the GOLD! Jason Lezak, 32 years old, began his part of the relay as the fourth swimmer (the anchor)nearly a full body length behind the French... managed to not only catch up to the lead but pass the French swimmer! We won the gold by eight one-hundredths of a second! Our time was 3.09.91 and the time for the French was 3.08.33. Amazing! Truly amazing! And the stories behind the swimmers are just as amazing. Michael Phelps is trying to win eight gold medals to break the record set by Mark Spitz, for the most gold won in a single Olympics. Phelps rigid training - how he works EVERYDAY. I tried to explain to my kids how hard work and dedication pays off. (How Michael Phelps does not play video games...) And the story of Cullen Jones. When Cullen was five years old, his family went to a water park. He had just gone down one of the water slides when he became separated from his inner tube. Cullen slipped off and sank to the bottom of the "pool." He was saved by a life guard! And Jason Lezak, at 32 years old, he is the oldest man on the U.S. Swim Team. Every little detail, truly makes you proud to be an American!

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Gabe said...

Every 4 Years, When the winter olympics show, my family(mom, dad, And Me) Watch EVERYTHING and my mom allows me to stay up untill it's over... P.S. Show laurn my picture, she'll like it..


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