Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Mean the World to Us!

The cat is out of the bag now that the invitations to the Eighth Grade Dinner Dance have been mailed! Our theme this year is "You Mean the World to Us." A travel them as the eighth grade students will be "traveling" to several different high schools. Some will go to St. Lucy's Priory High School, some will attend DamienHigh School, Bishop Amat, Bonita High School and one will attend a high school in Los Angeles for the Performing Arts. We have utilized the Ghandi saying "Be the Change You Want to See in the World." There are several key aspects to this event and to try and tie the theme into various parts of the evening. Traditionally this event is a sit down dinner for the graduates and their parents. The graduates will be honored with their awards and some students will receive financial scholarships (if they plan on attending a Catholic based High School). This should take up two hours and the remaining two hours is for the Eighth Grade Dance with the Seventh Grade. The Seventh Graders and their parents put this event on for the Eighth Grade Graduates. The Seventh Graders serve the meal and drinks. The Seventh Grade parents do the fundraising for the event, decide on a theme, decorate, train the students how to serve, decide on the menu, set up for the event and clean up. Without spilling too many beans, we had to decide how to decorate the entrance, a exterior enclosed patio, the main ballroom, and the room where the dance will be held incorporating our theme into each one. We are also performing a skit at the beginning of the dinner that incorporates the theme and then move into a slide show. The menu should be reflective of this theme also. Alot to coordinate! Ideas? Please share your comments. And as we get closer to the event I'll share more. Right now you can be privy to our Travel Invitations. They are designed to resemble "luggage" with stamps and stickers to incorporate the look and feel of the old time steamer trunks used in travel. The theme is clearly written on the front page and a cute saying... "the Seventh Grade Class Invites You on a Trip Around the World.." The Eighth Grade Dinner Dance. "Your journey begins..." and then we wrote the date and time. The RSVP is stamped with the Memory Makers Magnetic Stamp to resemble a "stamp" that would be in a "passport." We are all so excited and CAN NOT wait until the event!


Jennifer Priest said...

Wow--those are too stinkin' adorable!!! What a lot of work but they look super!

Anonymous said...

ha! so thats what the invitations looked like!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! These are great!! HOw di I go sbout making some of my own?


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