Tuesday, June 10, 2008


All I am going to say, is that I think the prices for gas is outrageous! It costs me well over $70 when I fill my tank. I think of how that money can be better used and I feel so sad. I have not gone to any of my favorite places, stopped visiting or made side tracks to see people, I make a list of all the places I need to go to in order to make the drive a one stop shop. I can honestly say that I think twice each time before I get in the car, and if we can walk someplace first or tag a ride with someone I have been known to jump along. When I was sent this e-mail on gas cartoons I can relate!!! This is how I feel.


Anonymous said...

Wow, A while since I left a comment! But anyway, FREE "GAS"!!!! Cannot wait for the solar car to be released into the production line! I can't wait because my parents won't have an excuse when they are going to originally say "No, because gas is expensive and we're not going to waste it!!", when i ask to go to an extra place, then i'd simply tell them,"But you have a solar car, you don't buy gas anyway!!" By the way Me and Lauren are teenagers!! Whohoo!! I'm going to get a nintendo wii with my birthday money!!Soon!!And another thing is that Iknow that you guys are going to have a totally awesome vacation while I'm stuck here mat home while you are somewhere in JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!! That's just not nice!! Oh well, I'll go eventuallY.........................

Unknown said...

I love them. Gas is crazy. I cant imagine driving one of those huge SUV's that everyone was rushing to buy just a few years ago.


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