Friday, December 4, 2009

Switching Gears - A Visit to Rogers Gardens

A visit to Rogers Gardens is a must every holiday season. They have the most variety and the most unusual displays. Each section has a different theme therefore, something will appeal to everyone! The shopping is easy, because right under each tree is a basket over flowing with the ornaments that adorn that tree. If the basket is empty, simple remove the ornament from the tree. The picture above is their Waterford Tree all decked out in red with metallic accents.
This tree is for the little boy, it is called Little Drummer Boy. They also have pink tree for your little darling! These trees are filled with heart ornaments, baby booties, angels, and Baby's First Christmas bulbs.
This is their Asian themed tree, all decked out with jeweled tone colors. The picture does not do this tree justice, in person this tree is stunning!

Moving on into Santa Workshop area the trees become more whimsical. Vintage Santa's, a toy tree, a tree filled with snowmen, an all green and red tree...

The Toy Factory brings you to the most imaginative trees in the store! This is where the
designers must have released their "inner child."
There was an all gold tree, a tree filled with vintage games, and the tree to the right that had all the accoutrements of a little boys travel. There were sail boats, compasses, globes (in black and vintage creme), airplanes, firetrucks, wired wreaths filled with glass bulbs, and my favorite this year a vintage flickering candle in a holder that attached to the tree with a clip. Similar to the candles that were on the trees in the Victorian days. There were instruments, tubas and wooden guitars. This tree was so creative I wanted to buy the whole thing and plop it down in my son's bedroom! In an adjoining room they had a black, white and chartreuse tree. Some of the ornaments were made of velvet, and there was lots of crystal glistening in between the branches. When you entered the Christmas rooms you were greeted by birch branches that had been cut into two feet pieces and assembled together with "S" hooks. They dangled from the ceiling and created an interesting feel to the room. A visit to Rogers Gardens is sure to inspire anyone. You can not help but want to go back to your home and put something together, especially using your newest purchase!

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