Monday, December 21, 2009

Late Night Catechism - Sisters Christmas Catechism

What a crack up! This show is definitely needed during all of the stress of Christmas! Sister Donovan from Donovan Entertainment does it again in another edition of Catholic parody. Sisters Christmas Catechism, click the link for a small sample of what her show is about, came to our parish the second Friday in December. She was even more hilarious and the laughter even more welcomed than her previous show! Parishioners from the audience were asked to join in the fun and become cast members....

But, before she recruited her cast mates, she peruses the audiences looking for rogue parishioners who are not honoring the sacred space. She will find you if you are chewing gum or if you dress inappropriately (sleeveless tops, dresses) for church. She will call you out in front of the congregation and give you verbal humiliation. Plus she will also praise those in the audience for off the wall things, such as: those who "re-gift," those who choose to sit in the back, and to those who are wearing "Christmas sweaters." She will pick the best four decorated sweaters and have you come up on stage, then the audience votes for the best Christmas sweater with applause! Plus she lets you know which one SHE likes the best...

Then she selects her cast mates by walking the audience making her comments on how members were Altar Boys who never "got over it." Or the girls who always tried to please but never could become an Altar Boy. The cast she selects, she hits dead on! Her comments are always appropriate for the roles each will play. Once she has assembled her cast, the play can begin. Who stole the Magi's gold? That was the mystery that needed to be solved before the show ends. It was a great night. We opened our Christmas Boutique and had finger food available for donation only to help support our neighboring shelters. The girl who ran this made cupcakes, cakes, gingerbread, hot cider, candy cane reindeer's, homemade Raspberry Jam, and homemade cinnamon-vanilla sugar. The evening was buzzing!

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