Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hoover Dam

We just got back from one of my favorite places, Las Vegas Nevada! We took four days to relax in the electric town! We had always talked about visiting Hoover Dam when we were in Vegas and this time we made point of it. I am glad we did. They are currently building a bridge over the dam for traffic. This will close the pass on the dam itself. In the future we will not be able to drive on the dam. So that in itself was fun to scurry across and walk onto the dam. We took the small tour which brought us down to the generators. Fun to go into the tunnel down below and to see the two minute film that documents the building of the dam. Such a huge place! Hard to believe in the early nineteen thirties that a bunch of young guys on pullies and a bunch (tons actually) of cement created this wonder!

You can see how low the water level has become over the last ten years with our drought. Amazing to see where water once flowed in this dam, and now there is none. They have an exhibit room that is interesting to see the tools and the clothes these men wore to build this. How hot it must have been in the heat with no air conditioning, no bottled water to cool you down. We have it made!

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