Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Bellagio Atrium Summer 2009

The them this summer for the Atrium looked like a "garden party." Such wonderful colors! There was a Ferris Wheel filled with wonderful displays of floral arrangements. There were watering cans sprinkling water, there were water beams shooting over each other (which people could help themselves and had to touch to see if the water was real - each time they would stick their finger into the powerful jet of water it would shoot water in all different directions and people would get wet! Some were even soaked! My family did not do this of course, we just observed the others disrupting the display....), extra large poppy plants, hot air balloons, a mini atrium which had parrots in it. This was a cool part of the exhibit. Jackson was looking at the birds when up popped a lady from the floor with a plate of fruit to feed the birds. They loved the watermelon and other samples and quickly ate them up. Three parrots flew on top of the lady's head and started to play with her hair in their beaks. She would walk around inside the caged area with these birds having a good time on her head. The water globes were spectacular to see. How do they do that? Make the water into a sphere like that? So cool... I appreciate all the work that goes into this exhibit and the seasonal displays they have. I was able to see the last day of the Christmas one from 2008 and the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2009 when we came to Las Vegas in January. Plus I LOVE the fact that it is FREE!
The picture of the kids at the very beginning was taken in front of the Tiffany window. They made the window display into an aquarium with their jewelry behind the water bubbles. So creative!

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