Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seattle - Washington

I went to Seattle, Washington to visit family with my Dad. Boy was it cold! We took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island where my aunt and cousin live. The ferry looks like the one featured in the movie Double Jeopardy. It has room for cars and takes about twenty minutes to cross the Puget Sound to get to Bainbridge Island. We visited my aunt who has pancreatic cancer and can only visit with us in short spurts. We then explored the island some and found a cute bakery for lunch. The Blackbird Bakery had a Curry Lentil soup with thick grain bread and an awesome keish! Went back to the hotel and unpacked. My cousin came by in the late afternoon after she spent
the day shopping in Seattle with her teenager. She took us to her house and from there we went to J.J.'s Fish House for some dinner.

The next day after visiting with my aunt, we went into Seattle and walked around the Public Market Center. We saw the fish vendor that is so famous for "throwing the fish," Pike's Place Fish. Apparently they were in a movie throwing the fish and ranting back and forth! The fish was awesome. There were all kinds of fish, whatever you could possibly want they had. The produce vendors had beautiful, yummy treats and samples of everything. Especially their pears. And they had the most beautiful flowers. In the most beautiful colors. They were selling their bouquets for $5.00 and $10.00. Each one would cheer

up any room. And so beautiful for Easter. Wished I could have taken some back home... We bought a quick lunch at the cheese place. They make their own cheese right there. You can watch through a plate glass window. The spicy macaroni and cheese was killer! Plus they had a cheese loaf that was equally as impressive.
We visited the Magic Shop downstairs - where famous magicians buy their supplies (supposedly). And we perused through the Curious Shop by the ferry before headed back to the island.

I also have to mention another bakery, because they had the biggest Cinnamon Rolls, Brioche, Danish, Muffins, and rolls that I had ever seen! The baked goods all looked extremely yummy! And picture perfect each time we went into the store. This was our favorite bakery there, and it was called Bainbridge Bakers. The guy who owns it used to live right here in Southern California before moving up there and starting the bakery. I wish I could share all my pics from there because I probably took like twenty!


Gabe said...

Unfortunately, about Pismo, we're going to be going in two weeks........... :( I was looking forward to seeing you guys there.........

Gabe said...

HA HA, I think i remember a movie i n which there was a big fish fight!


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