Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in Pismo!

We spent Easter weekend in Pismo Beach with some friends. The weather was beautiful! Perfect weekend! We saw the Easter Bunny at Apple Farms, he dropped of Easter treats including the Crazy 8 card game which the kids

immediately started to play. Walked around downtown San Luis Obispo. The town is constantly changing. This time, one of my favorites stores called Anne's has moved to a side street in a location a fourth of her original size. I am so bummed. I guess she can not compete with Banana Republic, Abercrombie & Fitch and Talbots.... however she has way better merchandise. Then we went to Avila Farms for our produce and Easter pie buy. Dinner at Cafe Roma - always on the agenda! Next day is Easter. We went to Easter mass then headed to the Avila Beach. It was packed full of people! We looked for shells, tried to get in the water (cold) and swung on the swings. The signs are still posted regarding the shark attack in 2006. A shark killed a morning swimmer that year not too far from the shore.

Back at our house we went down to the "rocks" and looked for starfish and sea urchins. A really big wave got us all wet. It was alot of fun! There were so many sea lions and sea otters swimming around. They are so cute. And so vocal. It was as if they were saying happy Easter! Oh and we also had an Easter egg hunt. Even the teenagers participated! Some of the eggs were filled with money which had a greater incentive... Hope you had a wonderful Easter too. Now back to reality!

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Jennifer Priest said...

How fun!!! I never would ave though of going on vacation for Easter but what an awesome time you had. Great idea!!


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