Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor - Where Is The Ring?

So if it walks like a duck and looks like a duck... or maybe we are the ducks for watching?! After several weeks of listening to a guy profess how he wants to do the right thing and pushing his moral judgement onto us, then to turn around a humiliate a "fiancé" (seems he has had several), on national television, he has turned out to be a total disappointment. Tristan Sutter summed it up perfectly when she commented, "How can you go from being engaged to someone, to kissing someone else on the couch?" Plus - why has no one mentioned that this show is not a department store. You do not return fiancé's for another one within ninety days!!! How absurd!

Nymag.com called Jason Mesnick the "doe-eyed dummy." And I have to agree. He claims after the show ended when it was just the two of them, Jason and his new fiancé Melissa Rycroft, that things "changed." "It was not the same anymore." Doesn't that just pull at your heart strings? What happened? Did Melissa not pick up after your half eaten pizza and clean up your kitchen once the cameras were gone? Was she upset when you changed your mind and an evening on the town turned into ANOTHER night at your house waiting her turn to spend time with you? Was she not as flexible and awe struck as she was before? After all Melissa was his "soul mate." He told us (the audience) several times.
Six weeks later, there is a follow up show to see how the new couple is doing. Instead of informing us about his "mistake," he decides to inform Melissa - his "soul mate," on national television in front of everyone and their mother. "We are not going to work out" oh, and I will take the ring back now. And by the way...
when you leave the studio please send in Molly Malaney because I'd like to take her out for a cup of coffee. As it turns out you are SOL and I have a "pool" of chicks to choose from still. Duck, duck, goose... As the audience watches this unfold, we are all thinking come on Molly - here is a guy who broke your heart. You had to spend the holidays broken hearted and alone. Please tell him when he decides he wants to date the "runner up" that "he had his chance, sorry." Have some self respect! But we were disappointed again. After the initial shock, she looks at the "doe-eyed dummy" and starts to nuzzle up with him. Hello! He just told you two minutes ago that Melissa was sitting on this very couch! What is up with these "needy" women?
Then the next night, on After the Rose Ceremony Part Two she informs the audience that "We have a stronger appreciation for each other going through everything that we did." A stronger appreciation? What? What does this mean? I think this is one term that has not been displayed during this whole show. There is no "appreciation." Jason showed Melissa no appreciation. He showed Molly no appreciation for putting her on the spot either. In fact there has been a lack of appreciation... And weren't you hoping at the Part Two show that Molly would sit on the couch and say "I am sorry to say that 'things have changed' Jason is not the person I thought he was." He is actually a duck. I deserve more than a duck.
But she holds his hand and nuzzles with him (her doe-eyed dummy). Chris Harrison asks "so where are you two now (in this relationship)?" Jason pipes in quickly we are in love. We talk to each other on the phone all the time. We are BEST friends. (Is this in reference to Jillian's strong desire to marry her best friend?) And where is the ring?Is this somethingJason gets to "keep" until he finds his next one in the line? I think the show should get the ring back. If he wants to propose to Molly sometime he can buy his own ring, and do it the right way. He had his "Bachelor Show" opportunity already. He made that bed.
And in conclusion, the only thing I have to leave Molly with is have fun in Washington. Enjoy all the rain. Gloom. No golf days at the country club. Enjoy hangin' out with Jason and his brother and taking care of Ty. Hope you like the second fiddle roll. That is one you will have for the rest of your life. (Second to Melissa... second to the first wife... second to Ty). Enjoy!

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