Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Wedding

We went to a wedding over the weekend, for my husband's first wife's niece. Say that five times real fast! My step daughter was the maid of honor. Loved her dress. The cranberry red, sleeveless with crystals sewn onto the bodice and a bustle in the back. Very simple and practical. The bride, Natalie, lucked out on a beautiful day. Saturday was sunny and warm. In fact, mine and David's wedding anniversary was the day before! Sixteen years (of wedded bliss)! We
celebrated on Sunday night with the kids. However we danced the night away at the wedding. Or at least, I should say we danced to all the songs we recognized. There were so many songs or rap songs that us "older" folks could not get into the groove with. But it was fun to see everyone again. We only see this crowd at Daniela's birthday gathering mostly. In fact, Gayle is the one who informed me about what was going to happen on the Bachelor before the show aired on national television. "I have it on good authority..." Gayle works for the studios, so I guess hot
and juicy news is shared early. Still others at the neighboring table were convinced that he was
going to pick Molly. Such wedding topics of conversations... At the reception each of Natalie's tables had a name of a city in Italy. When we arrived there was a table with our place card inserted into a cork. We would open the place card to reveal our town in which we would sit. Natalie had a soloist who sang at the first part of the reception songs by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Now he had a voice. It was wonderful. Each table had a camera in which to take candids. I love using those. It is such an ice breaker. I went around and snapped pics of many of her guests. I even took some funny shots of the Mother of the Bride, Daniela and David's first wife in the restroom. (I bet those will be priceless). They were posed. Nothing obscene. However, we did notice that Daniela's boyfriend left his butt at home? We could not find it on him or anywhere at the reception... Oh and we hope you found your purse
Daniela. We saw Kathy looking for it in the parking lot. Maybe it was in the same place as the butt? David's Mom seemed to be feeling much better than she has been. Showing me her scar from her surgery on her hand. In fact her scar looks better than my scar from my surgery in October! All the more frustrating, aargh. I am still not liking the City of Hope - so don't get me started!

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