Thursday, March 26, 2009


Chicago is one of my most favorite cities! I love it
when we get to travel there. I love the big city. The town is always bustling with people and great food! We went to Gibson's (of course for their Sliders), had a drink at the top of the Hancock Building at The Signature Room and watched the sunset - thus the pictures you are seeing of the rooftops. Ate at the Italian Restaurant Osteria Via Stato. We had the family style dinner that comes in three courses with accompanying wines. Thank you to Kuhn Rikon who picked up the tab. We had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack for their Stone Crabs. And we were guests for a special event - a fundraiser for breast cancer the 12th Annual Houseware Gala. I'll post pics tomorrow. We took a guided tour and saw where Obama lives (can not go by his house unless you are a resident, but we saw a street that connects to a street...), saw the house where Frank Lloyd Wrights worked, and Ernest Hemingway's birth house. Oh and the original Playboy Mansion. I totally enjoyed myself the whole time from the moment we landed until we took off. The Chicago O'Hare airport has some great restaurants there too. Even the airport experience is first class.


Cindy F said...

Beautiful pics, Susan. And looks like you had a great time too. I can't believe I've never been to Chicago (and I have family there too!)

Donna-chelle said...

I adore Chicago too! Having a "beverage" at the bar in the Hancock is just so incredibly awesome, isn't it? I figured if I could visit a city in the middle of winter and still love it, that it would have to remain on my list of places to see AGAIN! So envious of your adventure, but glad you got to visit!!!


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