Friday, December 19, 2008

A Tame One and a Wild One!

Last weekend we went to two Christmas Parties. One was for a ministry at our church. This was the tame one. They had Carolers who sand all the traditional Christmas songs. They would stroll around the house and sand at the various tables that were set up for dining. There was outside dining and dining inside of the home. The meal was pot luck, and some of the most delicious food! The prime rib and salmon dish, yum. The Asian noodles, extra yummy! The salads and chicken and potatoes and homemade salsa - tasty. For dessert there was a white chocolate cheesecake - delectable. She had her whole patio tented and heat lamps sprinkled around plus an awesome heater that "blows" heat at the foot level. This item was awesome. Your head does not burn like it does when you are by a heat lamp. We were so toasty we took off our jackets and felt as if it was summer! So much fun. Good company, good food and good songs!

The next night we went to Loretta's Birthday Christmas Bash! And what a bash it was! Oh my goodness, she had Elvis singing an awesome magician doing the most astounding magic tricks at each of the dinner tables. I tell you I do not know how he does them. One trick he asked someone to think of a card in the deck. Do not touch it or tell anyone. Just think of the card. Then he shuffles the cards and pulls out the one she was thinking of! How do they do that? Another card trick, he asked my husband to pick a card - sign it, put it back into the deck. Then he shuffled the cards, set them down on the table, took out a zippered bag from his inner pocket. Unzipped the bag and pulled out David's signed card! Amazing!
Loretta made most of the food. She had green beans, potatoes Au-gratin, pork loin, a baked dish that was an eggplant with spaghetti (so yummy - sounds unappealing but so-o good). A Brushetta that I swear David might have gobbled up all by himself (sorry for not sharing - he is Italian and thought the homemade brushetta was so good).
Her Christmas tree bulbs, she made herself. They are clear glass ornaments from Michael's that she would cut a photograph of a family out in the same size as the bulb. Roll the photo into a "pencil" insert the photo into the bulb and then straighten it out with a chop stick. Insert white batting or festive crinkled paper into the back side of the photo to make it pop out into the bulb and ta-da a totally cute ornament! I was thinking this would make a cute gift or a package topper. Teacher gift next year, maybe? Girl Scout craft? Way cute! I loved them. I loved Loretta's yard! She has such a cute garden with meandering paths with wooden birdhouses lined along the paths in trees and bushes. She has a sitting area in her front fenced in porch next to a small bubbling water fountain with speakers softly playing Christmas songs. Her back yard has several levels of patio. One patio has the bar area and a seating area complete with two couches a coffee table, end tables with lamps. A patio area she had the covered round tables for eating on. A level higher patio for her awesome d.j. and another level higher for her wood burning fireplace and another seating area overlooking the golf course. She had some juniper trees all lite up like Christmas trees along another path... and then the dance floor! So much fun. We danced, and danced and danced underneath the stars. Happy Birthday Loretta! We had a BLAST!!!

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