Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Living Nativity

The second week of December, The Granite Creek Community Church in Claremont, performs a Living Nativity. There are eight stations which you walk through, or you can drive through the various scenes - only one car at a time can go though. Each scene is about the birth of our Saviour. Granite Creek has a short video to show you what to expect. Each scene is complete with the actors, costumes, painted scenery and animals. The kids loved it. The actors do such a wonderful job and as you are waiting to enter the "walk through" some of the actors play vagrant's and will come up to you and ask for money or handouts. Then the fierce soldier comes by and shoo's them away. There is no cost for this. The church just wishes that you would stop by the various vendors at the end of the performance and buy a cup of hot chocolate or something. Truly a first class "offering" and a wonderful way for the family to do something spiritual at Christmas time. I absolutely loved this!

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