Monday, October 20, 2008

Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Patch

Jackson and I went to the Annual Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival on Saturday. We always go as a family but missed it last year because of the Church Festival. This year Lauren had a soccer tournament, and besides she told me "pumpkin patches are not fun anymore." So sad. I love going to the Pumpkin Patch! I am glad that Jackson enjoyed going with me. He picked out a pumpkin and wished he brought some gloves to get another one off the vine. "Wouldn't it be great if we had a wheelbarrow Mom? So we could get lots of pumpkins!" They had a corn stalks to take pictures in, all kinds of pumpkins in all sizes. Plus the festival part with the food and goodies to sell was flowing with customers. We had to park up the hill because the lot was "Full" already. That was a first. All the medium and large pumpkins were $4. The field was full! It was like orange confetti sprinkled over the hillside. Jackson being
a boy liked to spot all the mushed pumpkins. "How do they get all smashed up?" Plus what a great day. The sun was out, and so many families. Nice to see all of the kids having so much fun. I took Jackson to the Heritage Park Pumpkin Patch afterwards. They had hay rides, a cute cut out witch and crow to take a picture with. A scarecrow in the patch and baby chicks to watch run around. Pumpkins were $8.50 and $10 though. The small baking pumpkins were $2. No comparison though. There was only one other group of people at this one. But we had a lot of fun. Just the two of us!

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