Saturday, August 16, 2008

Farewell Luncheon

We celebrated Desiree's last day at work yesterday by going out to lunch. The whole staff! And then they gave everyone the rest of the day off. Pointless for me since I am off of work this month recuperating still from surgery. But I to honor Desiree I made her a Birthday page. At work we celebrate everyones' birthday with a lunch brought in. For the month of June we have three birthdays. Thus the title of the layout.
These cookies would have been fun to have made
for the luncheon, since they were the same happy
psycholdelic colors as the tablecloth. I found these cookies from Annie Adams blog. She is always doing fun things with her kids. I love getting ideas from her like these pinwheel cookies. I tried them, and as a baker myself - I found them a bit doughy. But easy enough to use any sugar cookie recipe. I have one that is powdered sugar based which would be good. I use it at Christmas time to have a good tasting cookie that can be decorated with different colored icing and sugars. In fact Martha Stewart has a good recipe too. But once you make the dough it is divided into four equal parts and each one is colored. I used the colors from a baking company. Not the dye that is bought at the market. AJ Candies out here in San Dimas has an array of colors that are so vibrant. But how cute the cookies turn out. Insert a white stick and they become those big suckers you used to get at he fair when you were little. Anyway, back to the point of the blog. Good Luck Desiree in your new ventures...


Cindy said...

Love those glorious colors, Susan!

Jennifer Priest said...

Cute page!! And I totally forgot that you are a baker. Did you enter anything in the Fair this year? This year I am planning on actually attending so I bet I'll see your name next to some ribbons! LOL

Gabe Magallanes said...

TO LAUREN FROM GABE- Thanks Lauren! I'm glad you like my site! I will keep it up! feel free to e-mail me, if you want to tell me anything else! Thanks! Did you like my picture? Heh..

tina said...

so cute susan!!


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