Monday, July 14, 2008


I am probably one of the few that will not miss a Starbuck's at every street corner. In fact, I remember when we still owned our bagel bakeries, Starbuck's was to open a store in both cities that our restaurants were in. And I have to say that were not going to open down the road, or in a neighboring center... they wanted to open NEXT door to you. They put alot of Mom and Pop businesses - out of business. It is the Mom and Pop places that support the city by sponsoring the Little League Teams, donating to the school fundraiser's, participating in the town's festival, etc. I never saw Starbuck's written across the back of a little boys jersey out on the ball field! Yet people went to Starbuck's, and the Mom and Pop's went away. Today, in our small town of less than 25, 000 people we have four Starbuck's all on the same street - in walking distance of each other. So you can order a drink at the first one and start walking, and by the time you had finish the drink you will be at the next Starbuck's and so on... crazy. I think one Starbuck's and a Peet's Coffee would be perfect! I LOVE Peet's! That is of course, next to our bagel bakeries coffee which is from a REAL Espresso Machine and each one is made to order! A perfect cup of coffee each time. And yes, even after we sold the stores they are still thriving!

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Jennifer Priest said...

Yes, it seems now there is not much else to choose from besides Starbuck's. I was living in Monterey when they first came to CA there was a huge protest of the Starbuck's when ti came to town--now they are all over up there. Well, I guess not anymore! LOL Almost all of them are closing by my house too...


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