Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cupcake Accessories

Since my recent posts have been about cupcakes I thought I'd share this site which features lace (laser cut) cupcake wrappers. Perfect for Mother's Day or a Mother/Daughter Tea. The laser-cut cupcake wrappers are a great way to decorate your cupcakes without having to actually "decorate" the cupcakes. The paper wrappers themselves are the art! There are several patterns to pick from, which include the Filigree, Ivy Vine, and White Butterflies. Many stores even sell single cupcake "take home" containers, these would make a wonderful party favor. They even have a seashell wrapper and a palm tree wrapper if you were planning a "tropical" party. Way cute! (Thanks Tina for sharing this site, I love it!)

I also want to add a website that I found that has EVERYTHING about cupcakes! How to decorate, how to make, problem solving, where to buy great cupcakes and more... and the name is so appropriate to cupcakes take the cake! A plethora of cupcakes!

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Cindy F said...

Wow, those are cool!


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