Friday, March 7, 2008

Desmond the Spy?

So I fell asleep and apparently missed half of Lost! I had to hear about it at work the next day... the ship belongs to Penny's father, Mr. Whitmore! I further learned that Sayid is not the "man" on the boat that Ben was referring to when he said he had "a man on the boat." We got a glimpse of him in a quick frame and my co-worker thinks it could be Desmond! Oh no! Not Desmond! He could not possibly be working for Ben! All she said was that Ben told Locke that it is someone that would surprise us to know. What are your thoughts? I am curious to know. A great place to get tips or to review what you might have seen in the latest episode is at the Lost Easter Egg website.

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MireiaKDS said...


hello! i'm a spanish fan of LOST!! :D noooooooo!! desmond it's not spy of Ben!!!!!!!!!!

the spy it's mike!!!!


thanks for share your blog! it's AWESOME!!


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