Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mammoth Mountain

For President's holiday weekend, we took the kids to Mammoth Mountain. They loved it! Jackson took a snowboard class and by the next day was snowboarding down the mountain faster than Dad was skiing! It was fun to watch Jackson cruising down the mountain on his board, rarely falling. He even figured out that the ski school group do not have to wait in the lift lines, so on the second day, even though he was not in ski school he would mix with a school group to board the lift! What a crack up! He got caught every time. But cute to watch his determination in trying! There was so much snow. Still powder and easy to ski. Plus the mountain was not as crowded as I thought it would be. The instructors were so friendly. In fact everyone was so nice and accomodating. Respectful of everyones space.

The Village was fun to see, especially at night with the baby lights in the trees. There was a big fire pit which we quickly found to warm up. It was below 30 degrees at night and warm during the day. We did not need to wear jackets, even on the slopes. What a great weekend we had!

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Anonymous said...

Oh now that looks fun!! No pictures of the huge fire pit??? I could only imagine what that must have looked like!


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