Monday, September 17, 2007

Roger's Garden's

Every year I look forward to going to Roger's Gardens to see all the Halloween merchandise they are displaying. They have everything that you could possibly think of in a decorated setting. Each year they have a theme to display the Halloween items. In the past they have had a spooky knights of the round table dinner complete with pictures on the wall that "follow" you around the room. They had a haunted laboratory featuring ghoulish items under glass. This year they have out done themselves with a haunted circus theme! Truly worth the drive to Newport Beach to see! I look forward to "investing" in a new Halloween item!


Anonymous said...

I have been dying to get down ther! Your pictures are making me want to go TODAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Susan! I am so glad you like the stamp! I got it a a store called Auntie Amy's in Riverside. It had a ton of Halloween stamps! I picked up a few more! Anytime you need to borrow it just let me know!


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