Thursday, July 31, 2014

The High Roller - The Linq at Las Vegas

 The High Roller, is a 550 foot tall giant Ferris type wheel that continuously rotates. It is the worlds tallest observation wheel to date. It is located in the new Linq shopping quarter. We saw it being built and put together the last two years (I believe construction began in 2011), it looked so intimidating when the wheel was being framed. I am deathly afraid of heights, so this ride was going to be a nerve racking one and one to cross of a "bucket list." However,

with the knowledge that forty people can fit into one of the pods - I felt more comfortable, and in my mind I told myself it would be like an elevator ride, you "can do it."

But.... to my surprise we happened to get our own pod. Just the four of us! We purchased
our tickets from an employee who stood out on the front entrance the the shopping area called the Linq. The tickets were $20 each before 7pm and $35 thereafter.

We timed it so we would ride the High Roller at dusk and be able to see the sunset. The entire rotation takes 30 minutes. The pods DO NOT STOP. To my surprise you need to hop on while the pod is moving, and you need to hop off as it is still moving. There is a screen inside the pod which has an informational video on the High Roller and it periodically flashes the number of feet the pod is in the air. You are ascending to 85 feet, 250 feet, 475 feet, to 550 feet! Then the decent begins... and I can breath again!



There is the most spectacular views of the strip. You can see for miles. You are eye level to the planes when they come in and the birds are below you. At full dusk, the LED lights come on the High Roller. At night is when most of the riders choose to ride the Ferris wheel. When we
exited the ride, there was a long line forming. When we came on the ride, we were able to walk right on. We were able to see the lights and the sunset, which was good for me - so I can

 experience the High Roller both ways as it will be a feat to get me to go up to 550 feet again. The sheer mechanics of each pod is enough to fend me away. The pod is on a track that ticks. You can hear the pods ticking to each "linq" in order for it to stay upright as the wheel goes around. All I can say is I am glad I went on it. My husband and friends thought it was the greatest thing they ever rode. It is certainly worth
the experience of riding the tallest observation wheel in the world! The only draw back is that the wheel is off the beaten path of the main drag and I am sure it is hard for people to see where it is unless you know where to look. The Linq shopping quarter has many fun stores to pop into such as: The Polaroid Fotobar Store. This store has photo opportunities with a mock Polaroid Insta Frame you step into that has Las Vegas written at the bottom, a life size Andy Warhol figure to take a photo with. Totally cool!

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