Tuesday, February 11, 2014

checking in...

It has been a long, long time since I had a post on this site. I loved my blog and blogging. I think I was better at it when the Design Team for Scrappin' Good Times were encouraged to update their blogs. I was more creative then too! However, one of my resolutions this year was to start scrapbooking again and to USE some of the supplies that I have been "hording" for the past several years. So, I started a Christmas Album to put on the coffee table at Christmas time. It will just contain Christmas events from each year - plus I might add a Year in Review page so I remember what happened in each year. The years seem to blend, as I have been asked to find photo's for my sons graduation video, I am surprised by how many years have past. I would look in a folder from two years ago - when actually the event was from four years ago. Oh my!!!

What has happened in the last year for me is:

1. Laid off from my job of 8 years. Very depressing. I have not been able to find work yet.
2. Lauren went off to college out of state, so I miss her tremendously.
3. My husband sold his web business so he is "semi retired" now.
4. I just found out (or just developed) an allergy to Dairy Products!

I have to comment about my allergy as this is quite a blow to me - the person who loved to drink milk with ice in it everyday. I am allergic to dairy products. All of a sudden. I broke out into a heavy rash - hives actually. My tongue swelled, my face was swollen and my eyelids became puffy and distorted. The pads of feet swelled to the point it was uncomfortable to walk. I now can no longer have anything with dairy and have to carry an EpiPen. I am so sad when I think of all the things I love that contained dairy that I can no longer have: Egg Nog, Pumpkin Pie, Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate Shakes, Pancakes, Pasta with a Creamy Sauce, Lasagna, Tortilla Casserole... oh I can not write anymore - this is depressing. I am experimenting right now with various Soy Milks and Almond Milks. I made Chocolate Pudding despite the box stating that Soy Milk could not be used. Maybe I'll post some Dairy Free Recipes when I come up with some that are good. I did find a good Dairy Free Butter... tastes the same.

Anyway, wanted to make a quick post. I will post my layouts I made for the Christmas Album and I will let you know about my books that I am reading. I absolutely love so many lately. And I will post some Dairy Free Recipes! Thanks to those who are still on my Network Blog list. :)

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