Friday, February 28, 2014

Authentique's Smitten and Lovely

The paper used on this layout id from Authentique's Smitten line 2012, and some from Authentique's Lovely line from 2013. I was influenced on the structure of the layout by Kelly Goree's Home Grows layout she published on her blog in July of 2009. Even if I used photographs in color and not as many patchwork squares, I liked how it came out. Still not as professional as Kelly's - but hey I have been out of the loop for awhile. This was my sons "Best Day Ever!" He looked forward to the
Valentine Dance at school for a whole month. He made his own appointment at the hairdressers so he would have a cool hair cut. He wanted his hair just like how it was the last time he had a hair cut. He picked out hi clothes in advance and laid them out. Asked a girl in his class to be "his Valentine" so for sure she would dance with him. So cute, how they get all excited about this stuff!

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