Sunday, February 14, 2010

Warning! These Valentine's Are Hot!

This year for the Valentine's to pass out in the class room I got the bright idea to take a picture of each student and create an individual card for them. I found this cute valentine card set from Making Memories bought some stickers at Michael's and made (what I thought) was some cutey personalized Valentine's. It wasn't until I went to the computer and read some blogs that I found some really cute and clever ideas, so I thought I'd post them here so next year I can use them. Can't lose my notes when I put my thoughts onto my own blog!

1. Give sucker candy with a cute tag that says "Don't you know that Valentine's Day is for suckers!" Saw this on the "bunny cakes blog." It is a good one for boys. Boys are always so hard when they get into the older grades.

2. Valentine heart shaped candies made from small candy canes. Saw this on "Homespun With Heart" blog.

3. Ice cream cone coated with chocolate topped with a pink meringue cookie and a secret Valentine message inside. This was also on Danielle Flanders page "Homespun With Heart." Scroll down to the very last part of her post.

4. Place a sucker inside a circle cut away container and stamp "I am a Sucker for You!" I saw this one at "Chic 'N Scratch." She is a Stampin' Up demonstrator.

5. "Valentine, Go Fish!" Another creative packaging idea from Angie Juda at "Chic 'N Scratch."

6. A Valentine Mini Album for your special someone. This idea came from Lia at "Organised Clutter."

Well, those were the best of the ideas that I saw for children's Valentine's to make in a large quantity to pass out to the class. Always love to receive that homemade Valentine... love Creative People... love to receive a Valentine with some thought... love all those special touches! XOXO!!! Happy Valentine's to all of you Creative People!!!

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