Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sneak for New Endeavor...

Christmas just wipes me out! Takes me along time to get my "groove" back. I have been cleaning out closets, cabinets, storage spaces, the pantry and the refrigerator(s). Yes, the refrigerator in the garage needs to be cleaned too! Our local scrapbook store closed in December and since I'd have to take a drive to the nearest store I have been skipping the scrap shopping. Which I miss terribly. I find shopping for scrapping supplies soothing and it provides me with something to look forward to (making a project :) ). So what do I do with my free time now that I am no longer designing for Scrappin' Good Times? Well, I decided to join a book club (this one is called "The Bookies" and is so cute - they have a mission statement and bylaws!? Crack me up! I wonder if they "throw the book at you" if you do not read that months book?). Last year I made a resolution to read a book a month - seemed attainable. But no go! So now if I am in a "club" I am forcing myself to read. And then I figure as I read the required readings I can acclimate myself time to read pleasure reading as well.... We will see. I just finished Milk Glass Moon by Adriana Trigiani. This was the third book in her trilogy. I need to read the first two to really appreciate this one. But "The Bookies" absolutely loved the book. Some cried. Some had to put the book down when she met up with Jack in New York. They did not know if they wanted to find out what Ava would do with Jack...

My other big project I am working on now is designing scrapbook kits to sell on line. I joined the Die Cut Divas - Scrapbook Kits for the Diva on the Go web site. Each week the site will feature a new layout to sell and a new card kit. The "sneak" for my kit is a winter snowing fun layout using the Fancy Pants "Frosted" line. It is titled "Snow Much Fun!" and features lots of snow flakes!

The other thing that is keeping me busy (in addition to working full time) is helping my son with his Mission project. Last summer we went to San Juan Capistrano for Lauren's softball tournament. In between games we toured the San Juan Capistrano Mission. We took lots of pictures hoping he would get this mission... But he picked the Mission in San Luis Obispo. So off to San Luis we went during Christmas break! The walls in the church are all handpainted now. They took several years to complete them. But they are beautiful. The bells are awesome and they have a grape vine that encorporates a whole arched walkway that is unbelievable. I just love these old missions! Another great one is the one in Carmel. I love the courtyard there also.

Well this is why I have not been a good blogger! Happy New Year to everyone!


Jennifer Priest said...

Mission projects were fun when we did them with Katie--loved making a day trip out of it!

Congrats on the new kit club DT--would love to know more about it--checked out the blog ;)

Anonymous said...

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