Friday, September 11, 2009

My Fair Entry Looks Sad All Closed Up!

There are times, as an artist, that you create something that you think is so stinkin' cute and will be appreciated.... only to find out that it has been misunderstood. I was sad when I went to the Fair (LA County Fair) to find my "stamped card" in the closed position and with a "white ribbon." (I can not say the word - "third" yet)! I wanted to share with you what the inside looks like! The card obviously lays flat and looks like an out side of a "haunted house." Each grey strip of paper is a board on the outside and some have slipped and are loose. There is the "stamped" black cat on a fence and a "stamped" pumpkin. A front door and two stamped "trick-or-treaters," with the words "Trick-or-Treat" stamped in a bubble.

Okay, open the card and it opens up into a house complete with four rooms! All of which are stamped! I stamped the wall paper, the flower pot, the pictures on the wall, the rugs, the drooping spider, the jars, the broom, etc... I have tags in between the room where you would write your message - as this is a card. And then I covered the whole thing with a spider web! Just totally cute!

So, when I saw that my card was a "whiter," I wanted to see the cute, adorable one that received the top honor.... I'll let you decide that. As I do not feel it is appropriate to critique someone else's work when I do not know them. But I will say this about that, she only stamped some bushes on her card. ONE stamp. The rest was paper twilling! AND the category was stamped art!

But, I had fun doing this all the same. And it is not what we receive but the enjoyment of the whole process. I just wanted to share what the inside of the card looked like, since they displayed the card closed and no one has ANY idea how "stinkin' cute" it looks like OPENED!


Andrea Egan said...

It is totally adorable! I'm pretty sure that the "experts" judging are just slapping ribbons on whatever...Morgan (8 years old) hand quilted her first quilt all crooked & beautifully 8 year old looking and got a white ribbon also. The winner (and 2nd place) were incredible machine quilted (on a $400+ machine) pieces that no 7-9 year old could ever create!Assuming moms didn't do ALL the work, at best the kids typed the stitch type into the machine's computer and watched it go...but it was a good life lesson for her in being gracious!
Andrea E.

Anonymous said...

stinkin' adorable!!! all those details, all that time, and creativity...way better-n-white!!!


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