Saturday, August 8, 2009

State Championships Softball Games

The State Championship Games were last month in San Diego. The opening ceremonies were in Qualcom Stadium! So exciting to see all the teams enter the stadium as they were announces on the loud speaker. There were sport teams from Badminton to Volleyball there. The games were exciting because your team won they would place higher in the competition. Teams played three games a day. Our last game did not start until 8:45pm! We (the parents) were bushed! Just imagine the players... the temperature was over a 100 degrees and there was little to no breeze! Plus, since the ball field were by a lake there little pests that bit you! Smart players had the dryer clothes stuffed into their clothes to ward off these annoying little buggers!
But the games are more exciting to watch than professional ball! There is always something going on, whether on the ball field or in the stands... entertaining for sure!

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