Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cub Scouts - Widdling Patch & Knife License!

So cute at our Den Meeting last night for the Cub Scouts. Some of the boys received their Widdling Patch for learning all about knife safety and completing the required number of hours "widdling." The troop used bars of soap to widdle away and learn how to use a knife. Last night the boys received their patch and their "license" to purchase a knife from the Boy Scout Store. They were so happy! After the award part of the meeting the boys played a game. They broke into two teams. Each team had two dinosaur feet. They object was to place a dinosaur foot on the ground, step on it, place the other foot on the ground, step on that one. Then pick up the first foot and place it on the ground in front of the one they were standing on. The first team to go back and forth and through all of their team members wins! It was a crack up! The boys were tossing their "feet" too far so they had top figure out how to get over to the foot without stepping on the ground. It was such a dilemma for them. The team that used small steps ended up winning. The game was to show the boys "how to plan ahead." They would have to plan their strategy, which the winning team did by using the small step method! Plus with the weather kind windy and gloomy on this summer night like a thunder storm was to let loose any minute made the dinosaur foot game all the more fun!

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Gabe said...

Mrs. Bugelli, have you written anything on the eighth grade dinner Dance we had?? I was just wondering about it, and how you thought it was? You can tell how it affected the FORMER eighth graders! How was it from a parent's point of view??? (Just a suggestion)


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